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Industry, Labor, and Joy. Quick graftings on The False Industry

René Schérer  |  2017 / n° 28 |  décembre 2017


Ultimate “prospectus” written by Charles Fourier, his False Industry insisted again and again on the advantages of harmony based on a civilisation using the family, fragmentation, and the reluctance to work as its “pivots”. Whereas the “inventor” of the new system vainly tried to find some sponsors willing to finance a Phalanstery, his demonstration teemed with ideas likely to help us come to terms with our present society suffering from a neo-liberalism already potentially present in the old mercantile world of the XIXth Century. The major features and differences that have to be taken into account will be described in this article.

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René Schérer

René Schérer, né en 1922, est professeur émérite en philosophie à l’université Paris-8. Dernier ouvrage paru : Petit alphabet impertinent, Paris, Hermann, 2014.

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