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The Origins and the Family of Considerant

Jean-Claude Dubos  |  2008 / n° 19 |  décembre 2008


Considerant’s family had been living in Salins for the past four generations. His great grandfather, Jacques, was a bookbinder and used clothes dealer in Salins. His grandfather Claude was a bookdealer. His father Jean-Baptiste was a professor of rhetorical Art at the local high school ; he married Suzanne Courbe, the daughter of a public notary and a first degree cousin of Désiré Adrien Gréa, who numbered among Fourier’s very first disciples, and was later to be elected representative in Parliament for the Doubs department (1828-1834), and then for the Jura department (1848). Victor Considerant maintained close links with his Gréa cousins, whereas he does not appear to have maintained any with the Belgian branch of the family.

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Lieux : Salins, Jura

Notions : Famille

Personnes : Considerant, Jean-Baptiste - Considerant, Victor - Courbe, Suzanne - Gréa, Adrien (1787-1863)

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DUBOS Jean-Claude , « The Origins and the Family of Considerant », Cahiers Charles Fourier , 2008 / n° 19 , en ligne : (consulté le 20 novembre 2017).

Jean-Claude Dubos

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