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Hords and gangs

René Schérer  |  2010 / n° 21 |  janvier 2011


In the W section of Walter Benjamin’s Passages devoted to Fourier, infancy and education provide the author with a relevant case for testing the method of « materialistic anthropology » attributed by him to the utopian thinker. Regardless of any recourse to transcending orders or pedagogical intervention of adults, and responding to some immanent dialectics, the passions of the children themselves do mechanize and « cog in » the mutual interactions of the various groups, turning the « small hords » and « small gangs » into decisive agents of societary harmony. Highlighting them as so many « dialectical images », Benjamin’s quotations and footnotes emphasize the singular junctures where infancy bestows on the harmonic order its picturesque and particularly attractive touch.

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Notions : Education - Enfance

Personnes : Benjamin, Walter

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SCHéRER René , « Hords and gangs », Cahiers Charles Fourier , 2010 / n° 21 , en ligne : (consulté le 29 juillet 2021).

René Schérer

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