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Le réveil d’Epiménide - Fragments

Charles Fourier  |  2014 / n° 25 |  mai 2020


The fragments we are publishing provide an adequate completion to Le Réveil d’Epiménide (published by Fata Morgana) belonging to the same Cahier. Through these fragments Fourier’s intention for a direction on stage of his “New world of love” is confirmed, as well as the rebellious orientation of his radical way of thinking at the opposite of the sexual morality of his time. At this point Fourier places women in an outstanding position, where beauty meets up with wisdom and virtue. Utopia and Modernism prevail, because this text, whose dating remains rather uncertain, belongs in a historical context unfavorable as far as women’s lib and emancipation are concerned.

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Notions : Amour - Femmes - Sexualité

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