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The School and the Parliament

Thomas Bouchet  |  2008 / n° 19 |  décembre 2008


During a whole year, Considerant was at once the leader of the École sociétaire and a representative of the people in the Parliament assembled to draft a constitution for the Second Republic. The point here is to analyse his experience, at the same time of paramount importance and a bitter one. Convinced that his two commitments were complementary, Considerant invested much energy in the Assemblée, but his dream of fourierism as a republic spawned anger, amusement, or indifference. In spite of his failure, he constinued to call himself a « phalansterian, [...] a member of European democracy, a French citizen, and a Representative of the People ».

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Notions : Assemblée constituante - Parlement - Seconde République

Personnes : Considerant, Victor

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BOUCHET Thomas , « The School and the Parliament », Cahiers Charles Fourier , 2008 / n° 19 , en ligne : (consulté le 28 mai 2018).

Thomas Bouchet

Thomas Bouchet est maître de conférences en histoire à l’université de Bourgogne (Dijon). Il travaille ces temps-ci sur Fourier et l’Ecole sociétaire, sur les relations entre socialisme et sensualité, sur l’histoire des insurrections au XIXe siècle.

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